Tools for Nourishing Change – Cooking Workshop

Tools for Nourishing Change – Anti-inflammatory Cooking Workshop


Join us for a cooking workshop with Heidi Lescanec – both a Naturopathic physician and chef, passionate about good food nutrition and the art of creating nourishing and beautiful meals. Heidi brings her diverse culinary experience and knowledge of food as medicine to use in the kitchen in a spirited and inspiring way.


Feeding ourselves well plays a role in everything we do. Knowing how to choose and ENJOY whole food is a form of dedication to the self.


Through demos and sampling of snacks and dishes found on the anti-inflammatory diet, you will learn:


  • How food can become true soul nourishment to our often neglected bodies
  • How to use mealtimes as opportunity to use food as medicine for the body and soul at least three times a day!
  • How the diet choices we make daily can impact our energy, hormones, mood and overall wellness


Eating well leads to lifelong benefits on all levels – inspiring positive and           creative desires about what you put into your body; a fundamental           foundation for good health and vitality.


Date: Thursday January 13, 2011


Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm


Price: $35.00 + HST


Please contact us at 604.931.2225 to register. Maximum 15 participants so

book your spot today!