Everything you need to know about the Port Moody Mural Project…

Last year we made the heart-breaking decision to cut down thirty four trees gracing the side of our building. For years their root system had been costing us thousands of dollars as they interfered with and were constantly becoming tangled in the plumbing beneath the building. The removal of the trees has left us with a great big space to fill, both in our hearts and on the newly exposed side of the building, so we are putting a call out to Artists to help us create a mural on the East facing wall of Port Moody Integrated Health building.

On July 24th, 2010 we held a visioning session and invited members of the Port Moody community to get together, brainstorm and share their ideas regarding the future of community, sustainability and wellness. It is from these shared ideas that we wish to build the body of the mural.

As an Artist, what can you envision and create that evokes hope and passion toward a positive future on the topics of community, sustainability and wellness? Our hope is for the mural to look as if it is exploding out of the wall, with bricks tumbling away; an idea whose time has come.

Interested Artists please submit:

  • a maximum one page write up discussing why this project interests you, containing your views of the future of Community, Sustainability and Wellness
  • your CV/ Portfolio

We will choose five finalists who will receive $100.00 each to create a mural mock-up and from those five we will choose the Muralist who we feel is right for the project. The chosen Muralist will recieve $4000.00 to complete the mural, this rumuneration will include paint, scaffolding and other materials.

Please submit to Port Moody Mural Project 2306 St. Johns Street, Port Moody BC V3H 2A9 or email us at customercare@integratedhealth.ca

Please submit applications Wednesday Oct. 13th, 2010.