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j_scottThe focus of Dr. Scott’s approach to naturopathic medicine is on drainage, which allows the healing mechanisms of the body to return to their natural state of balance. Dr. Scott works with her patients to remove the cause(s) of any imbalances, while also teaching them how to better care for their mental and physical body.

Dr. Scott believes in a cooperative approach to healthcare that incorporates different models and practitioners working together to achieve balance and good health for their patients. She focuses on achieving long term rebalancing of the systems of the body (and promoting the healthy lifestyle choices that impact these systems) for each patient under her care, in conjunction with the technologies offered by traditional Western medicine.

What’s standing in the way of your good health? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott and learn how you can achieve optimal health and balance in your life through the healing art of naturopathic medicine.

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Dr. Jill Scott – ND

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