COVID-19 RMT Patient Info & Protocol


COVID-19 RMT Patient Info & Protocol


This protocol was developed with the goal of reducing the risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19, for both patient and therapist, within our clinic.


General Information

  • Each RMT at our clinic has their own schedule for return. Please contact us individually, for specific information about our new booking and billing practices, as well as any other questions.
  • Until further notice; may not be accepting any new patients, or cash payment. E-transfers are preferred at this time.
  • RMTs will complete daily self-assessments, cancelling all appointments if symptoms appear. For the detailed RMT clinic protocols, please visit our website.
  • You will not be charged a late cancellation fee, if the cancellation is due to illness.
  • Appointment times are staggered to reduce the potential of patients crossing paths, and to allow for time in between appointments for enhanced cleaning.
  • All receipts will be emailed only.
  • Everyone must wear a mask in the clinic, at all times. RMTs may wear further PPE.
  • RMTs may not be able to use heat during your treatment.
  • In the event that you develop symptoms within 14 days after your treatment, you must notify your RMT immediately.
  • RMTs may be working a reduced patient load.


Informed Consent

  • In the current environment of COVID-19 risk, informed consent requires that the patient be informed and understands that:
  • Any massage therapy treatment involves some risk of COVID-19 transmission;
  • The therapist is following protocol to help reduce or mitigate risk where possible, but that risk cannot be reduced to zero;
  • The patient consents to the treatment despite some risk;
  • And the RMT will document the patient’s consent in advance and at every treatment.







Appointment Protocols

  1. At the time of booking your appointment, you will receive this document. It is also accessible on our website.


  1. 48-24 Hours prior to your appointment;
  • You are required to complete the online BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment tool ( and to stay home if you experience any symptoms of COVID-19. Patients are required to cancel appointments if they experience what they determine to be ‘just the sniffles,’ ‘seasonal allergies’ or ‘just feeling under the weather,’ on, or the day prior to, their appointment.
  • If it is your first appointment back since March, you be contacted directly by your RMT, to verify that the self-assessment tool has been used, and confirm your appointment.
  • You will fill out an electronic screening/consent form on the Jane app, 48-24 hours prior to every appointment. Your RMT may contact you to confirm that this has been done.


  1. Upon arrival;
  • You must be alone; no minors will be treated at this time.
  • The RMT will greet you outside the front door of the building, AT the start time of your appointment and not before this time. Waiting indoors is not permitted.
  • Masks must be worn at all times within the clinic. If you have a mask, be wearing it when you arrive, before entering the clinic and for the duration of your time within the clinic. If you do not have a mask, a single-use mask will be available for purchase (for $5.00) at the front door. The charge can be added to your treatment fee, please don’t bring cash.
  • Your RMT will verbally screen you, and share their own self-assessment results before your treatment begins.
  • You must use hand sanitizer or wash your hands, upon entering the building.
  • Every room in the building will have sanitizer, and single use tissues available.


  1. During your appointment;
  • You must not touch anything in the treatment room, other than the massage table, chair and clothing placement area, unless instructed to by your RMT.
  • Your mask must stay on.
  • You can request that your RMT wears gloves.
  • There will be no contact of the face, and possibly head/upper neck, depending on the fit of your mask.
  • You must wash or sanitize your hands at end of treatment.
  • You must use a tissue to open the treatment room door, for your therapist to return at end of treatment.
  • You will be accompanied, and let out of the building, by your RMT.