Are 2015’s Resolutions Already Forgotten?…Don’t Despair!

New-Years-Resolutions-Quotes-Images-1011-640x481In December you started making resolutions and promises to yourself. Maybe you’re going to start a new diet, get a gym membership, organize your closet or try to spend your money more wisely. Then the holiday indulgence took its toll. You’re feeling the not so nice side effects of the sugar, rich foods, wine and cocktails, late nights and little exercise. Your clothes are tight. Your digestion is off and your head is foggy.

Then New Years comes along and you were feeling very ambitious … but a week or two in, you lose your momentum and willpower and sink back to your old habits. You wind up feeling like you’ve failed before you really even started. Not to worry, you’re definitely not alone … at least 90% of all goals, intentions or resolutions end up being derailed or sidetracked! Don’t despair …

This is a fresh year and a great time to kick-start your diet!

It’s an amazing opportunity to make changes and there are a few tips you can use to help you achieve your goals, whether you’re looking to detox from holiday excess or just continue on your path of improving your health.

1. Do it “write.” the simple act of writing down your intentions helps your mind and body connect and increases your chances of success.

2. Plan ahead. be specific about the actions you’ll need to take – don’t leave it to chance! If your goal is to “eat healthy meals” cook a week’s worth of soup, quinoa, vegetables, beans, etc. and pack your lunch each morning.

3. Get to the source of what’s sabotaging your efforts. Keep a journal and get in touch with what’s eating you. See if you can make slight changes to the way you respond to situations. When you are able to recognize and tackle the root cause of why you eat or why you don’t exercise, it will be easier to reach your goals without turning to food for “comfort.”

4. Visualize what your life will look like when you achieve your resolutions. Start by asking yourself: What do I want and why do I want it? If you resolve to lose 20 pounds, how will this benefit you? (i.e. more energy, more confidence, longer life.) Picture how you will look – what are you wearing? A little black dress? Skinny jeans? How do you feel? Visualizing yourself as having achieved your goals will help you stay on track toward what’s truly important to you.

5. Share your resolutions with friends and family. When you tell others, your commitments become more real and you become accountable. Consider finding a “workout buddy” or invite friends over to cook and eat new healthy recipes.

Feeling that you might need some support and inspiration to put you on the road to health and vitality? Your body, mind and spirit are in need of some recharging? Come join me for a program designed to get you back to a balanced, healthy state and reclaim the vitality you know is within you!

Here’s to your success and a Happy, Healthy New Year!